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The Benefit of the Doubt

When I was a kid the movie Free Willy came out, so you can just imagine how cruel the neighborhood bullies were towards me; being that I was a fat little fellow. Hollywood messed up my life! Then, they had a part two and a part three. From hoodlum to hermit! “Willy” wasn’t only a […]

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“Love Connection”

When we think of Valentines we think of cards, flowers, and chocolates. I, and I’ll explain why, think of God, Adam and Eve, and me. First, picture Adam in the garden naming all the animals. Remember, he was naked. Ha! That’s funny. (I don’t know about you. But, I wouldn’t want to be standing naked […]

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  I heard Pastor J.Figgz once say in a sermon, that “The Bible is awesome! NOT because the people in the Bible are awesome. But, because God IS, and He did some awesome things with those rejects in the Bible.” Though, it sounded kind of harsh at first, he was right. And, to be honest, […]

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